TBB Pilot Project Update 3, February 12th, 2017

We are pleased to announce that more than 6,000 people have registered with Talent Beyond Boundaries in our online Talent Catalog. On the behalf of the TBB team, we would like to thank all those that have registered. You are playing a critical role in helping us open up this pathway of labor mobility for refugees. Registering a large number of skilled people who fled their home countries is important to opening this new safe and legal pathway. It enables us to illustrate the breadth and depth of talent among this population to potential employers who are searching for these skills to fill international job opportunities. Opening this new pathway is a long process,  and we understand that for those who registered, it can be frustrating not to see an immediate result.  However, TBB continues to work tirelessly to open this new legal pathway for people who have fled their home countries. TBB is committed to building bridges and helping those who have fled their home countries to be recognized for the many talents they have to share. Thank you again for helping us in this process.


We’d like to take the time now to update you about our recent progress.


So far, Talent Beyond Boundaries has secured 3 corporate partners. Talent Beyond Boundaries is working with 2 industry associations in Canada in the Information Technology and Engineering & Construction sectors who are working with TBB to help registrants in TBB’s Talent Catalog gain employment in Canada. In addition, we have a corporate partner in Australia in the Tech sector. Talent Beyond Boundaries has conducted initial meetings with around 20 registrants from our Talent Catalog who possess skills that our corporate partners have identified as in-demand in Canada. A small group of participants has been invited to participate in a virtual IT job fair in which they will have the opportunity to meet with international employers. Program participants are receiving interview preparation coaching and CV writing assistance. In addition participants are linking to virtual English language tutoring through our partner, Paper Airplanes.  


While we continue to work with individual candidates identified by our corporate partners, we also encourage those with engineering and IT experience and professional English proficiency to register in our Talent Catalog as we pursue opportunities in these sectors.


In addition, we continue to explore employment opportunities in various sectors in other countries around the world in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Thus, we urge any displaced people with other skill sets in Lebanon and Jordan facing legal barriers to accessing employment to sign up in our platform so we can continue our work in proving that refugees can and should be hired for international employment opportunities and expand our work across industries. Together we can open this legal pathway for those who are displaced from their home country to find international employment.

We will continue to post frequent updates about our progress. If you would like to receive our updates by email, please ensure that you have entered an email in your Talent Catalog profile. Thank you for your support.


The Talent Beyond Boundaries Team

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