How would TBB facilitate the visa process for the candidates?

TBB is working with experts to determine the most suitable visa path for each candidate we are working with, helping them develop their application and assisting with securement of required documents. However, ultimately TBB has no control over which candidates are approved for visas. Our role is to identify the most suitable visa pathway for a candidate and help them put forth the strongest application possible.

Are candidates who hold degrees from unrecognized universities eligible to apply to the Talent Catalog?

We encourage individuals to register regardless of their degrees, experience, and skills. How and if your qualifications are recognised is decided by educational and professional authorities in the country in which the job is available.

Does registering with TBB influence resettlement prospects or UNHCR services?

Resettlement and other UNHCR services will not be impacted by registering in the Talent Catalog or working with TBB on applying for visas and international employment opportunities. If a candidate is accepted for a visa and receives a job offer, if they decided to accept and move abroad, only at that point will they no longer be eligible for refugee resettlement. Before candidates make any decision about accepting a job offer, applying for a visa, and traveling to a third country, TBB will ensure information is provided to candidates to make an informed decision, including detailed information about how this impacts other services.

I already have a job offer in a third country. Can TBB facilitate the visa process?

Where possible, TBB will be pleased to assist refugees who have secured jobs abroad and need further assistance with the processes to meet visa and other requirements.  However, please note that we cannot guarantee that TBB can provide further support in these instances and they will be assessed on a case by case basis.

If I provide TBB with jobs I am interested in, can they assist me in securing that job or working on the visa process?

For the pilot project, TBB is only working with trusted and committed employer partners. You are welcome to share companies that are of particular interest and TBB might consider contacting the company about the possibility of partnership, but TBB can in no way guarantee job placement.

Questions about resettlement:

TBB does not handle any issues pertaining to refugee resettlement. TBB’s program differs from resettlement because program participants will obtain legal status in a destination country through a work visa or other visa schemes for skilled workers.  Inquiries pertaining to resettlement should be directed to UNHCR.

Other questions:

Talent Beyond Boundaries understands that there will be more questions about this process and all of the steps involved. TBB is collaborating with many international experts on the best ways forward on all aspects of the pilot project.  As the project develops, TBB will provide updates here.