Why should I register in TBB’s Talent Catalog?

Registering in TBB’s Talent Catalog enables you to enter into a talent pool that could be considered by international employers in your field of expertise. Although TBB initially will connect a limited number of registrants with international employers in the pilot project stage, registrants will remain in our talent pool as we expand beyond the pilot project.

Registering in TBB’s Talent Catalog is easy, free of charge, and takes around 10-15 minutes. Registration can be done on a smartphone, computer, or tablet and is available in Arabic and English.

After you create a complete profile, you can download your personal CV.

The Talent Catalog collects information about registrants’ education, work experience, skills, and language abilities. Registering your skills in the Talent Catalog enables TBB to show international employers the breadth and depth of talent among individuals impacted by conflict and helps prove that people who are displaced by conflict can and should be hired for global jobs.

Who can participate in the Talent Beyond Boundaries’ program?

Persons who live in Jordan and Lebanon, who have been displaced from their home country by conflict and who do not have the right to work legally in their field are eligible to participate in TBB’s pilot. TBB’s goal is to remove barriers to the international labour market, to make it accessible to people displaced by conflict.  Talent Beyond Boundaries will not play a role in selecting candidates for a position. Rather, Talent Beyond Boundaries’ role is to facilitate access to international employment opportunities. Individuals who cannot return to their home country due to conflict or persecution who currently live in the countries we operate in are welcome to sign up on the online Talent Catalog.


Where will those who participate in the program be placed?

Talent Beyond Boundaries is linking with employers around the world who are interested in recruiting internationally from the talent pool of TBB registrants.  TBB is targeting countries where there are skill gaps in the local workforce and where there are legal visa channels for skilled workers for which TBB candidates may be eligible.  At this stage, Talent Beyond Boundaries is working on a pilot project with placements in Canada and Australia. It will not consider placements for the United States.

Is TBB’s program limited to skilled workers or professionals?

Registration in TBB’s online database is open for any individual displaced from their home country and living in Jordan and Lebanon who faces barriers to accessing legal employment. However, TBB expects that it will be easiest initially to help place those in professional fields such as engineers, teachers, healthcare professionals, IT and tech professionals, and skilled trades workers like carpenters and mechanics and others.

Do you have to be registered as a refugee to participate in the talent catalog?

No. All individuals who cannot return to their home country due to conflict or persecution, are living in the countries where we operate, and face barriers to legal work are welcome to sign-up on the talent catalog, regardless of refugee registrations status.

Will participants’ information remain confidential?

Talent Beyond Boundaries’ Talent Catalog is secure and does not require registrants to enter sensitive information when registering. TBB will not share your name or contact information with any party without your permission.  Participants are not required to share their names but we will ask that they enter at least one way for us to contact them.  When it is appropriate, TBB may share information with potential employers about registrants’ work experience, education, skills, and language abilities, without including name or contact information.

TBB connects directly with employer partners who are interested in hiring international talent. TBB also forms partnerships with organizations around the world that are assisting refugees to find work that matches their skills. Data that you share on the Talent Catalog about your skills and work experience may be shared with our partners, including Refugee Talent.

How will TBB confirm the skills of participants enrolling in the program? Do participants need to have copies of certificates and diplomas?

TBB will work with experienced partners and employers to develop appropriate procedures to verify skills and language proficiency in an effort to overcome, when possible, the lack of evidence of certificates and diplomas.

How will participants travel legally to the destination country?

Talent Beyond Boundaries will work with the job candidates, employers, international agencies, and governments to ensure those employed have the necessary legal travel documents.

Will participants be able to bring their families with them?

This will depend on the job and location. In many countries, spouses and children can apply to accompany an individual traveling on a work visa as dependents. Any job candidate would have full information about the terms of their job offer and conditions of the visa before making a decision.  

Who will coordinate travel and arrival logistics?

Talent Beyond Boundaries will work with the job candidates to ensure travel and arrival logistics are arranged, in coordination with employers and partner organizations.

Where will participants live in the country of employment?

TBB will connect participants to local partners who can provide further information about living in the country of employment.

Will a participant who is recruited for short-term project once the project is completed be returned to their home country?

TBB will not facilitate short term placements unless there a possibility of long term residency and protection from a return to a conflict area.

Are there language requirements to participate in the program?

While employers are more likely to hire applicants with a strong command of the local business language, language requirements differ depending on the company. We encourage individuals displaced from their home country to register in the Talent Catalog regardless of their language skills. Language verification testing will be conducted prior to job placement. If you do speak and write in English, we recommend you make your profile in English so it will be more accessible to English-speaking employers.

Will TBB play a role in providing services in the destination country?

Participants would have access to any services provided to foreign employees by the country or company. TBB’s role focuses on facilitating a connection to international employment and removing barriers displaced people face to accessing this pathway, but does not include the provision of services. TBB aims to provide information and refer participants to local organizations and diaspora communities in the destination country when possible that can offer support and services upon arrival.

Will TBB play a role in monitoring the wellbeing of program participants in the work destination country?

Monitoring and evaluation of TBB’s work is an essential component of the pilot project. Talent Beyond Boundaries will evaluate its program in coordination with program participants, employer partners, and other stakeholders. TBB staff will also administer surveys throughout the first year of placement in employment, and participants will have access to a feedback mechanism to provide input about TBB’s program.

What status will a refugee have in the country they move to for employment?

TBB is only considering visa pathways which grant legal status in the destination.  The situation for each country will differ, thus candidates will be provided with comprehensive information about their legal status should they receive a job offer.

What if the participant wants to leave the destination country? Can an individual return to the host country?

TBB does not provide services for those seeking to leave the destination country either to find another job or get back to host country. Ability to return to a host country depends on the laws and regulations of that host country. While TBB is exploring what might be possible in the future, existing laws in host countries like Jordan and Lebanon typically do not allow most refugees to return once they leave that country. TBB is only considering visa pathways which grant legal status in the country of employment and would not put participants at any risk of deportation to a conflict zone.

Will TBB offer training for participants in order to increase their job prospects?

When possible, Talent Beyond Boundaries, will link participants to  partner organizations that provide language and job readiness training for candidates.

How will TBB address potential cultural barriers in destination countries?

TBB will partner with organizations that can arrange cultural orientation programs.

How will TBB mitigate potential security risks?

Any participant in TBB’s program that is matched with a job will need to go through a security checking process to receive a visa for the country of employment. Refugees by definition are fleeing, rather than perpetrating, violence and persecution.